Little Miss Cupcake
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Little Miss Cupcake has been baking since a Cupcake Tot, experimenting to her heart’s desire. Her passion only grew along with the size of her recipe book, and later received professional training as a Pastry Chef. Little Miss Cupcake’s knack for combining different flavors, plus her frequent cupcake snacks with a cup of tea, led to a light bulb idea. Why not combine luscious cupcakes with the delicious flavors of premium teas...

After tinkering in the kitchen until cupcakes were overflowing out the door, she created her signature recipes for TeaCupcakes - cupcakes infused with high-quality teas from around the world. These recipes have been used to create deliciously exotic baked goods for designer events. The cupcakes were even chosen to be showcased next to the top chefs in New York City at the New York Times Magazine’s Taste of T Living event! Not only does Little Miss Cupcake have a passion for cupcakes, but also for decorating fantastic cakes for special events. Little Miss Cupcake creates, bakes, and decorates, to give her clients the most irresistible cupcakes and cakes they could ever imagine.